The hottest colours
without the burn.

Low heat, low-energy, biobased dyeing pigments and processes.
Detoxifying the coloring step of creative industries.

What we do

Textile dyeing is responsible for 20% of the ocean pollution and 52% of the fashion industry’s carbon impact. Lowering the impact of colors is priority for every brand aiming at improving the sustainability of their supply chain. Everdye offers a solution lowering the carbon emissions, the energy consumption and eradicating toxic chemicals from the dyeing process.

How we operate

We’ve crafted our solution to make it easy to implement with existing processes and suppliers. We work with your infrastructures and adapt our process to your machinery and materials for a seamless switch. To get a demo or meet with our experts to get a fitting session, contact us:

Who we are

Scientists and innovators dedicated to changing the way we create and use colours.
We are the link between the designers and the engineers of the next trends.We want sustainable fashion to be joyful, creative, and accessible to all to build the future of fashion.

How we work

Our patented technology uses a unique dye synthesis and attachment principle.
We make high-quality colors that stand the test of time and usage. All while respecting the environment.

Our commitment

We believe in a new harmony between design + people + planet.
We are on a joyful mission to preserve our creativity and our ecosystems.